JADE - A LAUGFS Restaurant

JADE Restaurants is an exclusive chain of Chinese Food outlets, opened in 2006 under LAUGFS Restaurants (Pvt) Limited. Our restaurants serve authentic Chinese cuisine, prepared by highly trained personnel and based on original recipes and ingredients which give it a unique flavor and delicious taste.

We offer an exceptional in-house dining experience, ideal for families as well as take away and delivery services to enjoy our cuisine in the comfort of home. JADE currently operates in the Nugegoda (Jubilee Post) and Maharagama towns, but will eventually expand to cover key cities across Sri Lanka.

LAUGFS Restaurants (Pvt) Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of LAUGFS Holdings Limited, a diverse conglomerate of over twenty corporate subsidiaries, and affiliated to LAUGFS Supermarkets (Pvt) Limited.

0115 533800 | jademg@laugfs.lk | jadejb@laugfs.lk

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Deep Fried Fish Balls
Spring Rolls (Chicken)
Prawn Toast
Pan Fried Lemon Chicken
Prawns in Hot Garlic Sauce